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There’s more to life at IUC…

Life at IUC is more than an academic experience. IUC offers a friendly, welcoming community where students can get involved in their favorite activities or try new ones.

Students can choose from a variety of extra curricular learning experiences that are available including student government, sports, community service, drama, dance and the IUC chorale etc.  The clubs and societies host diverse events that are open to the student body such as games day, bake sales, concerts, lectures and other cultural programs.

These activities make up an important part of student life and provide opportunities for networking, social interaction and enhancing interpersonal skills.

Netball Games                                      IUC Week of Activities (2014)                                      IUC Football Team (CMI vs. IUC)


IUC Nurses - Stripping Ceremony                                                 WHI Students Display

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IUC Sports Day Highlights                                         Robinson House (Sports Day 2013)

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IUC Sports Day                                                                               IUC Gospel Explosion

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Get involved!  Visit our Student Services office for more information.