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The Centre for Counselling and Psychological Services (CCPS) commenced operations in 2011 with Centres located at the four main campuses of the university.  The main centre is located at the Central campus in Kingston with sister sites located at the regional campuses in Mandeville, Montego Bay and Tower Isle.  IUC psychologists are trained to deal with a number of issues including relational difficulties, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic-stress disorder, drug use and major life adjustments; for example, job loss, divorce, retirement. Each centre is also equipped to deliver crisis counselling for individuals experiencing catastrophes.

The CCPS offers subsidized psychological services to all IUC staff and students across its locations. The Services of the CCPS also include the use of psychological assessment batteries to evaluate cognitive, behavioural and personality functioning as well as learning disability, intellectual disability and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  A variety of services related to all aspects of career and life planning are also available. As such, services are provided to high school or college students seeking assistance with educational and career planning; individuals planning for midlife career chance or retirement; facilitating business leaders’ analysis of their workplace and or occupational structure. The Unit also conducts training through workshops and seminars for student groups and community organizations on a wide range of areas such as Stress Management, Exam Anxiety, Study Skills, Parenting, among many others.  CCPS services are also provided at markedly reduced rates to children, adolescents, adults, families and organizations in the wider society.  

IUC students as well as those students involved in the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) are encouraged to access counselling or other psychological intervention to enhance their psycho-social development and emotional well-being.  Additionally to enhance professional development, students pursuing a BA Guidance and Counselling and Masters Degrees in Counselling and Psychology programmes are required to access mandatory counselling sessions. These programmes require students to engage in counselling before and during their studies. In such cases, there are careful documentation of concerns and systematic follow-up to ensure that steps are taken in the best interests of the student.  

Finally the Centre reserves the right to decide whether or not a service that is offered is appropriate for any potential client.  In the event that services required are beyond our scope, efforts would be made to assist the client to find the required services that may meet identified needs.  Services are generally scheduled by appointment.