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ITLD was founded in 1989 and was driven by the recognition of the importance of learning by doing. ITLD started with two flagship programmes, the B.A. in Theology and the B.A. in Guidance and Counselling. It was in the Theology programmes that ITLD’s philosophy was most evident. Whereas it was the practice for Theological students to spend three or four years in training before being formally assigned to a Church, ITLD revolutionized that by having students spend three weeks in each month working in a church or other ministry context and one week in classroom activity over the three or four years of their period of study.

Through the ITLD, the IUC has trained the largest number of Guidance Counsellors in the country. The B.A. degree in Guidance & Counselling, one of the University’s flagship programmes was both a response to a national crisis as well as a reflection of the vision of the institution’s leadership.

In the late 1980’s when the B.A. programme was conceptualized, the nation faced serious problems with the socialization of our children manifested in the general problem of indiscipline. The decision of the Government of Jamaica to provide at least one Guidance Counsellor for each school (not just high schools) was achievable because of the large number of such students that the ITLD had trained. The programme is fully accredited by the university council of Jamaica and represents a continuing response to the problems faced by schools and the society.


“The vision of Institute for Leadership and Theological Development is to influence the empowerment of quality persons who will cultivate and promote the well being of family, community and nation.”


“The Institute for Leadership and Theological Development functions on the basis of an understanding of missional calling to influence the formation of quality leaders who are critically, spiritually and culturally sensitive and open to new and lifelong learning and as a consequence promote and cultivate the present and future well being of family community and nation.”