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Mel Nathan College (MNC) functions as one of the two constituent Colleges of the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) and began operation in September 2004, as the tertiary arm of the Mel Nathan Institute for Development and Social Research (MNI).

MNI has operated as the human and community development agency of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands since 1978 and brings a mission-focussed approach to human and community development. Drawing on a popular education mode of programme delivery, MNI has prided itself in what has come to be appreciated as a practitioner's perspective on people empowerment and community development. In operating as the tertiary arm of MNI, Mel Nathan College draws on this legacy of MNI and functions as the beneficiary of the MNI history and ethos.

Mel Nathan College started by offering degrees in Community Development and Programme and Project Management. It now offers a diploma in Early Childhood Education, in partnership with the Joint Board of Teacher Education as well as degrees in Business Administration, Hospitality Management and Nursing. The day programme offers both pre-University courses and degree programmes, primarily for school leavers. Successful completion of the pre-university courses provides students with matriculation for the full degree programmes.

As part of the IUC’s commitment to work with people to enable them to move from where they are to where they want to go, Mel Nathan College has instituted ‘tailored programmes’ for persons who can gain credits by taking selected University courses to equip them further to participate in community and nation building. The first tailored programme was designed for community leaders from communities across the Kingston and St Andrew Metropolitan Area, who were members of the Kingston and St Andrew Action Forum. Other tailored programmes have been designed for community leaders from Allman Town, Fletchers Land and Hannah Town. The college offers many tailored programmes with organisations which include the United Nations Development Programme, Citizen Security and Justice Programme, Cornerstone Ministries, the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund. The college also designs short courses for persons who wish to study particular aspects of one of the disciplines offered by IUC.


“Mel Nathan College will expand accessibility to higher education by functioning as a centre of excellence in research, and as a service and production oriented learning institution focused on improving the quality of life of our customers by equipping them with those skills and attributes which will make them valuable contributors to the local, national and international communities in which they find themselves.”


“Mel Nathan College aims at providing quality life-long learning and educational experiences against the background of inclusiveness, flexibility, excellence, ethics and morality.”