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No student will be allowed to sit an examination without a valid student identification (ID) card and an examination card.

Examination Cards

a) Students should collect examination cards from the Registry at the Central Administrative Campus or the Assistant Registrar at their Regional Campus in the week preceding the start of the examination period.

b) Dates for collecting cards will be posted at each campus, university centres and all other sites at which classes are conducted. A fine of $500 will be charged to replace a lost card.

c) Students with outstanding fees will not be issued examination cards and will not be allowed to sit examinations.

Instructions to Candidates Taking a Written Examination

a) Final examinations are usually scheduled as follows:

i.    Semester I - December
ii.    Semester II -April/May
iii.    Semester III -July

b) Examinations are held at set times over a two week period. The official starting times will be 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

c) Candidates will be informed of the dates and times of written papers and practical examinations via the Examination Schedule published at each location at which classes are conducted atleast one month in advance. Any changes in dates after publication shall be brought to the attention of candidates by means of additional notices posted at each location at which classes are conducted. Candidates will not be informed individually of such changes. Under no circumstance will any such change be made later than one week before the commencement of each examination period. Where appropriate examination schedules will also be issued via email through CCSS.

d) It is the responsibility of each candidate to take note of the dates and times of the examination(s) for which he/she is registered.

e) Candidates will be issued with examination cards atleast two weeks prior to the commencement of each examination period. Candidates will not be allowed to sit an exam without an examination card as well as a valid student ID card.

f) Candidates should be present fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the examination. Candidates who are more than thirty (30) minutes late maybe excluded from the examination. The Invigilator may use his/her discretion in allowing the candidate to do the paper but no extra time should be given.

g) All candidates are expected to exhibit appropriate behaviour during the examinations. A report will be made of all distracting behaviour and the perpetrator maybe asked to leave the room.

h) A register will be prepared for each examination. Candidates should sign beside their names before the examination begin.

i) No candidate may communicate with another candidate or any unauthorized person in or out of the room while the examination is in progress. If an Invigilator is satisfied that a candidate has breached the accepted regulation and practices, he/she shall report the matter in writing to the Registrar who will in turn report it to the Principal/Assistant VP. An inquiry will be made and the matter will be reported to the Disciplinary Committee for the appropriate action.

j) Candidates maybe allowed by the Invigilator to leave an examination room during the course of the examination provided that:

i.    The examination session has been in progress for atleast thirty (30) minutes.
ii.    Candidates have been continuously under the supervision of a responsible member of staff or Invigilator.

k) Candidates are required to deposit all unauthorized material, including bags, briefcases, folders, books or any other unauthorized material at the place provided for this purpose before the start of each examination. Absolutely no cell phones will be allowed in the examination room.

l) At the end of the examination, candidates should be given a receipt from the Invigilator on submission of their script.

m) A candidate who attends an examination and on viewing the question paper decides that he/she cannot attempt the paper, would be considered as having failed the paper.

Absence from Examinations

a) A student who claims illness or compassionate grounds for missing a final examination may apply for special consideration. Application is made to the Registrar/Regional AVP. Documentation in support of the request must be included with the application.

b) A student who is unable to write a final examination due to illness or other mitigating circumstances must notify the Registrar/Regional AVP as soon as possible. Thereafter, the student must provide the Registrar/Regional AVP with a medical certificate within one week (five working days) of the date of the missed examination.

c) If there are circumstances, such as illness or disability, which may affect the student’s performance in an examination, the student must give advance notice to the Registrar/Regional AVP so that preparations maybe made to accommodate him/her prior to the scheduled examination. If the student chooses to write the examination without making such notification, he/she cannot normally appeal the results.

d) Students who are absent from a final examination without a valid reason will receive a “Did Not Sit” (DNS) status. This means that he/she will have to re-sit the examination when it is offered again.

e) A student may miss a scheduled official examination through participation in an event or activity approved by the Dean/Regional AVP. It is the student’s responsibility to advise his/her Dean/AVP in writing before the examination so that appropriate alternative arrangements can be made.

Review of Examination Results

a) A candidate must satisfy the examiners by passing both course work and examination separately.
b) No candidate will be re-examined in a paper that he/ she has passed.
c) A candidate who receives a grade of less than C-is deemed to have failed a course or coursework.
d) A candidate who fails in any course or portion of a course can be re-examined in that particular component.

A student may only be able to request a review of examination results if he/she has failed the examination component only. A student who is dissatisfied with his/her examination should put it in writing to the Registrar. Such a report must be made within two weeks of publication of results. The students may request either:

a) To go through his/her failed script with the Examiner; and/or
b) To have his/her examination script re-marked.

Examination “Review”

a) A student who requests a review of an examination script must make the request in writing to the Registrar within two (2) weeks of receiving examination results.

b) The Registrar shall arrange for the Lecturer/Examiner to review the script with the student.

c) In carrying out the review for students who have failed a course, the Examiner must disclose the marks/grades for each component assessed.

Examination “Re-mark”

a) A student who wishes to have his/her script re-marked must make the request in writing and pay a non-refundable fee.

b) Where a re-marking is requested, the Registrar shall request an Independent Examiner. The appointment shall be made within one week of the date on which the request is made.

c) The Independent Examiner shall return the re-marked script(s) no later than ten (10) days after receiving it and must include a written report to the Registrar, which includes a signed mark/grade sheet.

d) If the re-mark results in a change of grade, the student is bound to accept the final grade even if it is lower than the first.

e) The Registrar shall inform the candidate of the result of there-marking and then forward to the Dean.

Examination Re-sits and Auditing

a) A student may request a re-sit if he/she has failed an examination.

b) The following non-refundable fee will be charged before a student will be allowed to re-sit an examination:

a. Regular Re-sit fee – examination for which a re-sit is required was already being sat in the semester.

b. Special Re-sit fee – examination for which a re-sit is required is not being sat and an examination paper and key must be set and vetted outside the normal examination process.

c) It is the responsibility of the student to complete and submit the required registration forms and pay the required fees for examination re-sits.

d) Students are allowed to do only two re-sits for a given course. To prepare for the re-sit, the student will be encouraged to audit the course for a non-refundable fee.

e) Where a student has failed both re-sit attempts, the student will be required to redo the entire course.

f) Students who fail a course in the year of their expected graduation may be given the opportunity to re-sit the examination in the last week of August where the course was not available for re-sit earlier in the academic year. (This is approved at the discretion of the Principal after review of the student’s records).

g) Request for re-sits should be made four (4) weeks prior to the exam period.