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One of the features of a university is that its staff and students undertake and disseminate research that is in keeping with the University’s mission and vision and the academic disciplines that are taught. A second feature of a university is that it engages its stakeholders and the wider public in research-driven discussion and debate on issues of community and national importance. Research enhances the teaching and learning process, as research conducted by staff is incorporated into the relevant programmes and courses and shared with students.

The Research and Publication department has responsibility for providing leadership for building and maintaining the University’s research and publication capacity. Students are encouraged to pursue their own research interests and to collaborate with other staff and students. All undergraduate and graduate students conduct research as part of their programmes of study. Students are provided with detailed research handbooks through their respective faculties to guide this process.

In order to engender a culture of research, the staff in this department spearheads initiatives aimed at advancing the University’s research agenda and identity. The staff plans and implements research seminars, library/learning centre research displays, the IUC month research days in the regions, the University’s annual research day and other events which allow for the sharing of research within the University community and beyond. Students are invited to attend and participate in these events. Graduating students share their research with other students and staff at the IUC month research days.

Students who have conducted research are supported in disseminating their research, through the IUC journals and other publications.