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M.Sc Counselling & Consulting Psychology
Key Facts
Core Courses
Elective Courses
Entry Requirements
Career Opportunities
Fees and Funding
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Programme Overview

The objective of the Master of Science in Counselling & Consulting Psychology (MCCP) is to train persons to be competent in the dual disciplines of Counselling and Consulting Psychology. Graduates will demonstrate a range of solution-oriented skills in dealing with individual, group, and organizational problems using counselling and/ or consulting expertise.

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Key Facts

2 years part time – (60 credits minimum)

Core Courses

Counselling & Consulting Psychology
Counselling & Consulting Skills
Professional Ethics
Lifespan Psychology
Counselling Theories I & II
Organizational Development & Intervention
Strategic Planning & Management
Psychometrics, Organizing for Marketing

Elective Courses

Programme and Project Evaluation
Practicum Supervision
Performance Counselling
Community Psychology & Development
Forensic Psychology
Art Therapy

Entry Requirements

An undergraduate degree in a related field. Students without the requisite background may be required to do qualifying courses.

Career Opportunities

Organisational Psychologist
School Psychologist
HR Specialist
Forensic Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Public Affairs Specialist
Sports Psychologist
Psychology Consultant

Fees & Funding

US$220 per credit
US$660 per 3 credit cours