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B.A General Studies
Key Facts
Core Courses
Entry Requirements
Career Opportunities
Fees and Funding
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Programme Overview

The BA General Studies programme provides students with the opportunity to pursue relatively in-depth studies in more than one field of interest. The programme allows students to obtain a less specialized educational experience with fewer credits required in any one subject area. Students can therefore combine courses selected from existing degree programmes (Psychology, Guidance & Counselling, Programme & Project Management, Community Development, Theology, Education, etc.)

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Key Facts

4 year full time/Part time: For all other candidates – (120 credits minimum)

Core Courses

Communication Skills
Information Technology
Exploration of Jamaican Society
Research methods

Other Core courses are dependent on the subjects chosen to major and minor in.

Entry Requirements

Persons with five (5) CSEC or GCE subjects, including English may gain entry to the full Bachelors degree.

Career Opportunities

Dependent on subjects chosen

Fees & Funding

$255,000 (inc. Admin fee) per year

Scholarships are available