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The principal officers of the University are:

Pro-Chancellor, Mrs. Irene Walter - former Registrar of the Caribbean Examinations Council.

President, Rev. Dr. Maitland Evans
- former General Secretary of the United Church

  • Ph.D. (Birmingham), DD (St. Stephens/St. Andrews Colleges, Canada), M.Ed. (Harvard University), B.A. LTh. (University of the West Indies).

Vice President,
Academic Affairs, Dr. Makesha Evans

  • Ph.D. Psychology (University of Warwick), Post Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy (University of Warwick), B. Sc. Pure & Applied Sciences (University of the West Indies), B. A. Psychology (Open University).

Vice President
- Research & Publications, Dr. Jane Dodman

  • Ph.D. (University of Sheffield), MTh (University of Edinburgh), Postgraduate Certificate in Education (University of Newcastle), B.A (University of Durham).

Vice President
, South Middlesex, Dr. Elvris Hewitt-Buckle

  • Ed.D. (Nova Southeastern University), M.A. Educational Administration (Andrews University), BS Ed - Guidance & Counselling (Western Carolina University).

Vice President
- Cornwall, Mrs.Curlin Spence-Robinson

  • Ed.D. Candidate (IUC), M.Sc.  Education (Nova Southeastern University), B.Sc. Natural Sciences (UWI)